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I am Dr. Dana Stamps and I am the Founder and President of Breaking the Chains Inc.  I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago in the Englewood community. My passion is and has always been education specifically for underserved youth who may not have the resources or opportunities to achieve higher education. Working in the public health field for over 14 years I have worked with and been exposed to a multitude of cultures. Working in different communities I realized that there’s a lack of resources and a gap that needs to be filled among our African American youth and Breaking the Chains was established to bridge that gap.

I currently serve as an Adjunct at Chicago State University and National Louis University working in the Psychology department. I love working and serving as a mentor to my students and being able to extend myself beyond the classroom. I received my Doctoral degree from National Louis University in Community Psychology. Receiving my Doctoral degree in Community Psychology has giving me the opportunity to work with youth and hear specifically from their accounts where the lack of resources is and how Breaking the Chains can help them in becoming successful. It is my hope that we live by our motto ‘Fostering excellence one youth at a time.”

I am also aware that students are not being taught life skills and I am hoping Breaking the Chains will serve as the pillar in communities that prepare are young African American youth for not only successful careers and education but also necessary life skills they can carry through adulthood. I am dedicated to continued research on how to increase graduation rates and prepare youth to pursue college degrees and purposeful career paths.

Dr. Dana Stamps


I will teach you how to coach yourself positively.


I will teach you to accept reality & feel better in your action.


I will teach you to take massive action to lead a good life.

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