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About Breaking The Chains

Breaking the Chains Inc. is a Non-profit organization servicing youth in underserved communities located in Chicago Illinois. Breaking the Chains Inc. offers a variety of services for underserved youth; job/career readiness, college preparedness, and financial literacy. This is a non-for-Profit organization that works to service the community while engaging and empowering youth to lead successful lives.

Breaking the Chains Inc. was founded by Dr. Dana Stamps, former resident of the Englewood community. Breaking the Chains offers a wide range of services that will help empower youth to lead successful lives. Career readiness will offer services such as resume building, interviewing 101, job placement, and career fairs. College preparedness will offer financial aid assistance, scholarship assistance, college placement, ACT preparation, and tutoring. Counseling services will offer counseling for domestic violence, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. There will also be financial literacy services that will teach youth how to save money, open bank accounts and money management.

Breaking the Chains have developed 3 programs.

  • Striving for success: this program is a Cohort that will follow students from freshman year through senior year.
  • College Preparedness
  • Career Readiness.

Breaking the Chains Inc. mission is focused on serving and educating teens in underserved communities by empowering them with self-development tools, direction, and support to strive for excellence and brighter futures.

Our vision is to enable underserved youth with the tools necessary to be successful. Serving youth who face great challenges with few resources to see their potential and discover new paths to success through job readiness, college preparedness, and counseling services. Through our services we plan to develop successful youth who will one day serve as pillars of the community and become leaders of the future.

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